RDFU 1200

The RDFU 1200 is discontinued and will be redesigned

RDFU 1200 Picture

The RDFU 1200 Emergency Locator Transmitter Finder receives signals on International Distress Frequencies of 121.5 MHz and 243 MHz. Powered by an internal NICAD Battery,the Radio Direction Finding Unit 1200 provides up to 5 hours of continuous use.
A 9V Block-battery inside the handle provides additional back-up power.

The RDFU 1200 from M.A.S. also provides a user adjustable RF-Gain-Control, which provides exceptional accurate close-range directional performance.

Coupled with its extreme portability, long battery life and light weight, the RDFU 1200 is especially suited for Search and Rescue in remote and rural areas.


M.A.S. Enterprises Inc.
updated March 2004