M.A.S. Enterprises

M.A.S. Enterprises was formed in 1991


1991-Design of the RDFU 1200, a portable Dual-Band ELT Locator Receiver,

in use by Industry Canada and Search and Rescue

1993-Design of the now legendary "INTERMODFILTER" (TM) for 2m Amateur Radio

copied by others

1996-Design of the smallest IC-approved 900MHz Video Transmitter for our customer

1997-Design of the LOG 2000 Waterleak-Detection System for our customer

1998-Design of the LOG 3000 Waterleak-Detection System for our customer

1991-1996 Design,Production and Sale of HAM-RADIO VHF-UHF accessories.

2004 Incorporation



M.A.S. Enterprises Inc.
updated March 2004